Rose day – The beginning of the celebration of love

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Rose day marks the beginning of the Valentine Week which starts from 7th of February every year. Before we dive deeper into the Rose Day, let me introduce you to the Valentine Week, the week of celebrating love. The Valentine Week is celebrated as below.

  1. February 7: Rose Day
  2. February 8: Propose Day
  3. February 9: Chocolate Day
  4. February 10: Teddy Day
  5. February 11: Promise Day
  6. February 12: Hug Day
  7. February 13: Kiss Day
  8. February 14: Valentine’s Day

The eight days represent eight stages of love. Rose day is expressing that you care, Propose day is to express your desire to be part of someone's life, Chocolate day expresses that you will fill someone's life with sweetness of love, Teddy day to expresses the pureness and innocence of your love, promise day to promise the loved one to be with him/her in every up and down of life, Hug day to express you accept each other in your lives, Kiss day to express the passion with which you love each other and finally Valentine’s day to celebrate the eternal love.

How Rose Day is usually celebrated

Like love follows no rule, Rose Day doesn't have any specific way to celebrate. The single rule here is to show that you care. By any mean, may be by gifting a single rose or a bouquet of 1000 roses or simply whispering to him/her that you care. Rose day is typically known as the day when someone could make their feelings known to another, be it romantic love, a desire to know someone better or love at first sight. This day can be used to prepare the ground for the next day which is called Propose Day, making your intention known through a rose before asking someone to go out with you or asking your partner to marry you serves as a great way to build up to the "question".

Different colours of roses are used to express different feelings and emotions, thus allowing people to make their intentions clearly known by presenting the loved one with a rose of a particular colour. A red rose is a symbol of romantic and passionate love, orange rose is a symbol of desire and wanting to get to know someone better, yellow roses represent friendship and are a symbol of caring for someone, white roses are a sign of peace, purity and secrecy, lavender roses are a symbol of love at first sight and pink roses are a symbol of thankfulness and admiration.

As I said before this day expresses your care for someone, it can be celebrated by anyone of any age whoever cares for his/her love. So spread the love and gift a rose this Rose Day on 7th February to your loved one.  If the one you care about is not near you, make use of the many on-line florists like BookUrGift and send some roses to someone special from the wide collection of rose day flowers and Valentine’s Day flowers.

Very well said by George William Curtis "The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose".

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